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    This is a family owned store that every month curates different and unique items and products.

    3 Cats Inc. is a NYC based company primarily shipping to US customers delivering fun, stylish and creative finds. 

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    We own three amazing recue cats and continue to help the cats in our neighborhood. Get to know their stories: 

    Our three stories

    Hi There! My name is Lola. I was found in a park by two people. Unfortunately the couple that found me couldn't keep me because one of them was severely allergic. Fortunately they had a friend that owned a street cat already and thought they would be of help. I was very little when i was found but very feisty. I am not sure why I acted this way; but my rescue family loved me anyway. I love looking out the windows and trying to scape my home but I immediately come back in because i am too afraid of being outdoors. I love to scratch people's feet out of nowhere, but if I notice that anyone is feeling sick I attend to them immediately. I make sure I sit by them or on top and my warmth makes them well again. 

    My Name is Chandy. I love being outdoors and I am so happy that my owners feed me and let me be outdoors. I love hanging out in the backyard and protecting my territory. I was being fed by a super cool and kind guy that feeds street cats on my block. Unfortunately he is sick and is not able to do this consistently.  I love human interaction and talking to people so I became very friendly with my current family. I love to plants, sleep and from time to time hunt birds. I like to bring my hunts to my owners as a gift for their kindness. I used to be thinner but I get greedy and love to eat indoors and steal from the other cats at home as well. 

    Hola I am Minino, I am also a street cat and the first rescued. I was being fed by my current family since I was very young. The reason I became a house cat was due to an injury I had from fighting with another cat. Surprisingly I did not mind sharing food spots with the raccoons. However I started getting older I just liked being indoors more often. From time to time I like to get out but I do not go more than the backyard. I love to sleep, eat, and cuddle. 


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