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    Virgin Acai Berry Oil Organic

    Virgin Acai Berry Oil Organic

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    Açaí berry oil will help balance the moisture in your skin

    so you will feel confident even without make up

    For what skin type is this oil for?

    Acai Berry Oil is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry or mature aging skin.

    Why should I use this oil?

    It helps to balance the moisture in the skin. It helps to remove toxic build-up in the skin, improving the skin's complexion.

    Açaí Berry Carrier Oil does not clog pores. Acai Berry Carrier Oil helps damaged skin like eczema and psoriasis.

    It helps heal dry and cracked skin. It is good oil for face and neck treatments and may even help to reduce wrinkling.


    Can I use this oil on other body areas?

    Also use it on areas that need extra attention like the elbows and knees.

    Açaí Berry Carrier Oil applied into the scalp will encourage healthy hair growth, and when rubbed into the ends of the hair, will help to repair split ends.

    Even more amazing health benefits!

    Açaí Berry Carrier Oil is powerful antioxidant and a natural emollient that is highly moisturizing and restores skin elasticity.

    Açaí Berry Carrier Oil is the "Number one superfood" for skin and hair.


    How is this oil processed? 

    Wild Harvested (*organically grown by mother nature). The authentic and most beneficial Acai oil, is cold cold pressed from the berry with pulp and skin and yields a very dark greenish oil exceptionally rich in chlorophyll and plenty of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, has became one of the mostly prized ingredients for products intended to address aged skin with sensitiveness.


    Tell me more!

     Açaí oil is rich in Vitamins B3, B1,B2, C and E - Vital for healthy skin and bones.

    Açaí oil is rich in Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron, Essential Amino-Acids and Phytosterols good for the overall health of the skin.

     Açaí oil is and effective emollient and moisturizing, has healing benefits for dry and cracked skin, eczema and psoriasis.

     Açaí oil is helps to heal and soothe all skin types, especially sensitive dry mature skin.


    Why should I buy his brand?

    Fair Trade. Sustainable. Wild-Harvested. Helps to support small rural communities on the Forest. Sourced in small volume directly from the producer. Guaranteed Fresh. * An extraordinary ingredient to be added to formulations intended to heal and soothe all skin types, especially sensitive.

    I am feeling a bit nerdy

    Botanical Name: Organic Acai (Euterpe Oleraceae) Berry oil.

    Country of Origin- Brazil Cultivation-

    Extraction Method- Cold Press/Unrefined Texture- Liquid Color- Dark Green Scent- Herbal Moss


    Shelf Life- 2 years


    Shipping in USA: 4-7 days

    International shipping: 15-21 days